Well that party went really well

Just reporting back on the close up magic I did for Accenture in London last night. It was in the really swanky Thistle Charing Cross. Quite lovely. About 150 people in the cocktail reception. I [...]

Best trick I’ve ever done – Isis Jennings

My daughter has arrived in the world. She's the best trick I've ever done! Isis Jennings

Accenture Party

So, I am preparing my magical props (cards, rings, ropes, coins etc) for a close up magic gig I have tonight in Charing Cross, London for Accenture. This was booked through my usual agency here [...]

Photos from magic gig this weekend

This weekend I was booked to do close-up table-side magic for a large awards evening. I entertained 180 people with cards, coins, rings, ropes, and spongeballs. Hope you like them. [...]

Magic? In Brighton? Sounds like me…

Last night was a great gig in Brighton. A magic birthday party at a lovely house in one of the posh squares on the front. I entertained the guests when the arrived and then between [...]

The Angry Magician

Brilliant bit of stand up about a very angry magician

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