A little coin magic

Office party tips

When you're booking a magician for your office party this Christmas here are a few things to bear in mind: 1) Book your magician for early on in the evening. This is for two reasons [...]

Christmas Party time

Hello everyone out there in Sussex. Just to let you know if you are planning your company Christmas dinner of corporate party, I have a few slots left in December. Prefer to work in and [...]

Why hire a magician for your party?

Compared with other forms of entertainment, magic is cost effective and portable. No stage, no lighting or sound. Damian carries his act in his pockets and can move from table to table or group to [...]

Why pick a magician for your wedding in Sussex?

Why pick magic for your wedding? There is often a time at a wedding where a magician can help break the ice. At the reception to make sure things start with a bang. At the [...]

Welcome to Magician in Sussex

Well howdy. Thanks for stopping part this little part of the interwebnetsphere dedicated to all things magical in Sussex. Well, that's a massive lie. It's just dedicated to one magicial thing in Sussex. Me. I've [...]

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