For some people, the idea of a magician at a birthday party is something that stops when you’re about 10.

However, I love doing birthday parties for adults. Last month, I did a celebrity birthday at the Hanbury Ballroom in Brighton. Around 200 people there. I mixed and mingled with the guests, entertaining people ‘close-up’ as I walked around. If there was a long queue at the bar, I would concentrate my efforts there, entertaining folk while they waited to be served.

I would show groups of around 8-10 people close-up miracles with just what I had in my pockets. No large props, set, staging or any fuss when you hire me.

On a smaller scale, I am doing tableside magic at a private home in Hove tonight. It’s 12 people at a dinner party. For that, I will have the attention of the whole group for about 20 minutes.

I also can do more ice-breaking magic when you may have a group of people who don’t all know each other. Starting the evening off with magic always gives people something to talk about.

I do magic with cards, coins, rope, balls and other small, everyday items. I do not do cheesy voices, silly walks and I certainly make no one look silly. Elegant, stylish, contemporary sleight of hand. With a slightly cheeky grin.