When you’re booking a magician for your office party this Christmas here are a few things to bear in mind:

1) Book your magician for early on in the evening. This is for two reasons
a) people might not all know each other that well if it’s a large company and walk about, or ‘close up magic’, can get people talking.

b) Later on, when people are going to be drunk on the free booze, the magic will be lost on some people. Get them when they are sober!

2) Think about music Vs magic. Many times I’ve been booked to work a room the same time as a loud band. This means that I either have to shout to be heard, or perform silently. Not the best use of limited resources at a Christmas office party. Better to have a DJ who has been told to keep the volume fairly low and have the band on later when your corporate magic has been finished.